Friday, April 29, 2011

What is the problem with this society?

I had heard many news about divorce. Many couples are  married less than 5 years, some of them are just married in 2 years. I wonder what happened to them? For me, I am still single, but has a desire to marry in these two years.

Yeah, I admitted that  there are more choice and more lure than 10 years,20 years ago. But what is the mean of promise before a couple married?  Is this phenomenon a indication of new pop culture?  Who can we trust for a whole life?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's a sad day for me

Today is the due date for releasing IELTS results. Though I know that I may fail on speaking module, but still hope that I can just pass score 6. I check it online, as expected, I got a high score on listening and reading, a fair score on writing, but failed on speaking. I felt so sad that I have spent so much time and money on it, then, in return, failed again. I am perplexed for my endeavours. I don't know whether I should attend the test again.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Parking system in SG

Unlike most of western countries, people may just park their cars in personal garages in suburban area. In Singapore, there is no way to do it like that because of high density of car population . According to a report, there is 750,000 cars in this tiny island country. so most of new parking system has change from surface car park to multistorey car park.

Here are some photos taken from a suburban area called Pasir Ris town.

This photo shows a surface car park which was managed by Housing & Development Board.

This photo shows a multistorey car park in the precinct of residential blocks.
       Elevation of MSCP.

Run way of MSCP.

HDB car parking system usually can be described three types. Red, Half Red and White. To register a car park lot, you need to check availabilty and paid SGD 60 for surface car park  and SGD 90 for MSCP per month. If you car has been registerd in this car park, you can park any car park. If not, you are not allow to park in red marking car park. Car park with white marking means you can park here at a rate of 50 cents per half hour by using coupon.
 While this half red car park means you can only park here from 7am to 7pm at a rate of 50 cents per half hour by using coupon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A trip to Resort World Genting

 It has been a long time for me planing a trip. At first, I have planned to go to Phuket, Thailand. But due to lack of  Annual leave, This 3D2N trip become impossible for me currently. So I determine to change my journey to Genting Hightland.  Because it only take 2D1N and I just want some fresh air.

At first, my friend want to travel to there as a backpacker by coach. I understand that will give us more freedom, but the total cost will be much higher than travel by package which provided by travel agent, the reason for travel agent can provide a cheaper journey is that the Genting corp give subsidy to these agents, and There is a casino on the mountain Genting which is the main revenue source. and more important, we only have two days, so even we can accept the expenditure, time is a problem too. After compare with other tour packages, we choose the one of midium price.

And the trip start from here:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marry or be married.

It may be a very old topic. but it's realistic. In western culture, Marriage is the couple's matter. but in Chinese culture, Marriage is two family's consideration. In accient times, because of more children in one family, so usually a girl will marry and live into a boy's family. and surely the child will follow father's surname.

but in nowdays, due to one child policy which started in 80's. when a new couple married, because each family want to pass down their surname to their offspring, so they often quarrel about whose surname the child should follow. For a educated boy, they may more open for most of other things except this one. why? Because Chinese culture is compriced by clan culture. If you were married and lived into a girl's family, you would be treated a guest in your original clan. and you will not be treated a member of the new clan too. For many place, girls are not allow to visit accestor tombs even on a Tomb Sweep Day since they never be consider as a clan heritor.

And "thanks to" high house price, many boys can't afford to buy a apartment unit, so those girls don't want to marry with the poor too. But life is still going on, so many youngsters just keep dating instead of marriage. Simply because dating is personal matter.

So more and more quarrel are going on, and nobody knows how to solve this conundrum.

Happy post Valentine's day

The Valentine's day has finally passed. So today should be the happy day for who are single. Me too.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Little Thailand in Singapore

Here, is the place combining all asia nations into a tiny land. Where is here? Which country? Guess it. and maybe you are right, this is Singapore.As a developed city state. Singapore has attracted many people to work and live here around the world. But most of them are come from Asia. People often said that US is the furnace for world people, and SG is the furnace for Asian.

For people who know or have been to Singapore,  most of them  know Raffles City, Chinatown, Little India. But do you think there is a little Thailand here too?

This little Thailand is famous in 1980s. At that time, as Malaysian worker demand higher salary, most of companies turn to Thailand for cheaper construction worker, shop assistant etc. soon after thounsands of Thai people came to SG, this Golden Point became a very important and famous place for gathering. Though nowdays less Thai people come to SG for work, but some indegenous persons still can speak Thai due to work environment at that time.

As in this photo, the building name was wrote in English and Chinese. This is very common in SG.
 But inside, the shops are named in Thai.

I like this Thai food. the meal is simple, but also tasty and spicy.
 Hoho, Thai magazine, can't read.
 Thai food.
 The God which locate ouside this building.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life is still going on despite harder and harder

I was grew up in a small villege. At that time when I studied in primary school, I have to get up before 6am. After a quick wash, I started my school journey with a walk about 4 km. Because of a lot of students walk together, that one hour's walk was a happy journey.

But when I was in primary three, my younger cousin started his primary one too. he was only seven years old at that time, and can't walk a long distance without rest. In order to catch the fleed, though I was only ten years old, I had to carried him for a distance which lagged behind that queue. Because of this, I often got exhaust. After a period, I didn't have any patient to carried him so long distance. so I got a cane to force him walking by himself. This situation continued for two years before the schoolmaster ask me to live in school when the primary school leaving examination is near the corner.

Now more than 16 years since I had left the school, this sickness happened the day before yesterday remind  me the hardness of life. Suddenly, a notion flashed on my mind, and I decided to get up at 5.30am to see Singapore's life as I only got up at 7am usually.

This is the inception of this story,

The road light is still on at this time, one of the things in Singapore is that all the place is light up by artificial light from 7pm to 7am, even in a coastal park.

 Most of bus are fully operated since 5.30am, as this bus is a example. For people who live in Johor,Malaysia and work in Singapore, they need to get up at 5am.
 At 7.20am, the Sun has rose above sea level.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

wuwu, Sick again, this time is high fever.

Actually, this sick should be counted from Chinese New Year. At first, It is a sore throat and little cough just like  most of people who got this season flu. but after a few days later, means yesterday, I felt a bit fever has developed, so I decided to see a doctor. When the doctor measure the temperature of my body, it shows 39 C degree, this shock the doctor but quite calm to me because I often got 40 C degree fever. But for work safe reason, I have to take one day medical check  today. Hope No more fever in future, anyway, as many people said, high fever will hurt your brain.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Summer Rice City

The Summer Rice City----Original article by I'm  rice. This is a Chinese translate to English version. It may be some different in discreption due to language and my English limitation. If you can read Chinese, Please visit the original article: . .  TO find out the greatest view of China, the best way is go there by yourself.

Inspired by numerous traveller who have been to YADING which located in the west of SICHUAN province,China, I want to visit this dream place by myself too. 

I have planned this journey for a long time, and revised it many times. It seems that this Summer vacation will end soon, and It is not a right time to go there at the end of September or at the beginning of October because of Public  Holiday.SeeChina's Public Holiday.  So I decided to travel there by coach before National day, so I will not be puzzled by agent or by Club.

The barricade for me to go there in this season is collapse and landslide, but I dedicated to arrive there though the weather condition is worse than I expected.


Yading Rice county, It is the dream place that I want to go for a long time. The legend said it is the last wonderland in this Blue planet.

There are snow mountain, glacier,forest, stream, waterfall and lake in this vast paradise. If you are travelling in the western China, you can see most of the beautiful landscape. and China National Highway 318 is one of the most beautiful roads.

Though the view is beautiful, but the road is hard. People often said: Your eyes is in the heaven, but your feet is in the hell, as a discreption.

1, This is just one of the greatest view the mountains.
2, Routle map, ^_^,
3, Snow mountain.
4,Shanghai PVG airport,China.
5,at the 30,000 feet high sky.
6,Accomdation on the way.
7,One of bridges on the way.
8, The coach I was travelled by.
9, Natural View on the way.
10, They are the greatest men---Riding bicycle to XIZANG(Tibet)
11, Tunnels on the way.
12, The Well Girl.

Tractor, A common vihicle for rural area.

Want to have a race here?
The peaceful village.

ZANGWEN(Tibetan characters) on the stones.