Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marry or be married.

It may be a very old topic. but it's realistic. In western culture, Marriage is the couple's matter. but in Chinese culture, Marriage is two family's consideration. In accient times, because of more children in one family, so usually a girl will marry and live into a boy's family. and surely the child will follow father's surname.

but in nowdays, due to one child policy which started in 80's. when a new couple married, because each family want to pass down their surname to their offspring, so they often quarrel about whose surname the child should follow. For a educated boy, they may more open for most of other things except this one. why? Because Chinese culture is compriced by clan culture. If you were married and lived into a girl's family, you would be treated a guest in your original clan. and you will not be treated a member of the new clan too. For many place, girls are not allow to visit accestor tombs even on a Tomb Sweep Day since they never be consider as a clan heritor.

And "thanks to" high house price, many boys can't afford to buy a apartment unit, so those girls don't want to marry with the poor too. But life is still going on, so many youngsters just keep dating instead of marriage. Simply because dating is personal matter.

So more and more quarrel are going on, and nobody knows how to solve this conundrum.

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