Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life is still going on despite harder and harder

I was grew up in a small villege. At that time when I studied in primary school, I have to get up before 6am. After a quick wash, I started my school journey with a walk about 4 km. Because of a lot of students walk together, that one hour's walk was a happy journey.

But when I was in primary three, my younger cousin started his primary one too. he was only seven years old at that time, and can't walk a long distance without rest. In order to catch the fleed, though I was only ten years old, I had to carried him for a distance which lagged behind that queue. Because of this, I often got exhaust. After a period, I didn't have any patient to carried him so long distance. so I got a cane to force him walking by himself. This situation continued for two years before the schoolmaster ask me to live in school when the primary school leaving examination is near the corner.

Now more than 16 years since I had left the school, this sickness happened the day before yesterday remind  me the hardness of life. Suddenly, a notion flashed on my mind, and I decided to get up at 5.30am to see Singapore's life as I only got up at 7am usually.

This is the inception of this story,

The road light is still on at this time, one of the things in Singapore is that all the place is light up by artificial light from 7pm to 7am, even in a coastal park.

 Most of bus are fully operated since 5.30am, as this bus is a example. For people who live in Johor,Malaysia and work in Singapore, they need to get up at 5am.
 At 7.20am, the Sun has rose above sea level.

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