Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Summer Rice City

The Summer Rice City----Original article by I'm  rice. This is a Chinese translate to English version. It may be some different in discreption due to language and my English limitation. If you can read Chinese, Please visit the original article: . .  TO find out the greatest view of China, the best way is go there by yourself.

Inspired by numerous traveller who have been to YADING which located in the west of SICHUAN province,China, I want to visit this dream place by myself too. 

I have planned this journey for a long time, and revised it many times. It seems that this Summer vacation will end soon, and It is not a right time to go there at the end of September or at the beginning of October because of Public  Holiday.SeeChina's Public Holiday.  So I decided to travel there by coach before National day, so I will not be puzzled by agent or by Club.

The barricade for me to go there in this season is collapse and landslide, but I dedicated to arrive there though the weather condition is worse than I expected.


Yading Rice county, It is the dream place that I want to go for a long time. The legend said it is the last wonderland in this Blue planet.

There are snow mountain, glacier,forest, stream, waterfall and lake in this vast paradise. If you are travelling in the western China, you can see most of the beautiful landscape. and China National Highway 318 is one of the most beautiful roads.

Though the view is beautiful, but the road is hard. People often said: Your eyes is in the heaven, but your feet is in the hell, as a discreption.

1, This is just one of the greatest view the mountains.
2, Routle map, ^_^,
3, Snow mountain.
4,Shanghai PVG airport,China.
5,at the 30,000 feet high sky.
6,Accomdation on the way.
7,One of bridges on the way.
8, The coach I was travelled by.
9, Natural View on the way.
10, They are the greatest men---Riding bicycle to XIZANG(Tibet)
11, Tunnels on the way.
12, The Well Girl.

Tractor, A common vihicle for rural area.

Want to have a race here?
The peaceful village.

ZANGWEN(Tibetan characters) on the stones.

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