Sunday, February 13, 2011

Little Thailand in Singapore

Here, is the place combining all asia nations into a tiny land. Where is here? Which country? Guess it. and maybe you are right, this is Singapore.As a developed city state. Singapore has attracted many people to work and live here around the world. But most of them are come from Asia. People often said that US is the furnace for world people, and SG is the furnace for Asian.

For people who know or have been to Singapore,  most of them  know Raffles City, Chinatown, Little India. But do you think there is a little Thailand here too?

This little Thailand is famous in 1980s. At that time, as Malaysian worker demand higher salary, most of companies turn to Thailand for cheaper construction worker, shop assistant etc. soon after thounsands of Thai people came to SG, this Golden Point became a very important and famous place for gathering. Though nowdays less Thai people come to SG for work, but some indegenous persons still can speak Thai due to work environment at that time.

As in this photo, the building name was wrote in English and Chinese. This is very common in SG.
 But inside, the shops are named in Thai.

I like this Thai food. the meal is simple, but also tasty and spicy.
 Hoho, Thai magazine, can't read.
 Thai food.
 The God which locate ouside this building.

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