Thursday, February 10, 2011

wuwu, Sick again, this time is high fever.

Actually, this sick should be counted from Chinese New Year. At first, It is a sore throat and little cough just like  most of people who got this season flu. but after a few days later, means yesterday, I felt a bit fever has developed, so I decided to see a doctor. When the doctor measure the temperature of my body, it shows 39 C degree, this shock the doctor but quite calm to me because I often got 40 C degree fever. But for work safe reason, I have to take one day medical check  today. Hope No more fever in future, anyway, as many people said, high fever will hurt your brain.


  1. hello I'm Sarah, from Ireland, My boyfriend is from Fujian and I searched for bloggers in Fujian and I found yours ^^ very nice, I hope you get better soon ^^ take care~~

  2. Yeah, I have fully recoverd.thank you.
    I would like to write down some of my feelings here, because there is nobody know me here. This is the place that I can confide.