Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do not hurt me

My dear friend,

I am very sad to heard something you had said to me. We are just friend, not enemy. I gave up some right belong to me doesn't means I am stupid. I just don't want to change your daily life, I don't want to make some trouble to you. Because I am young, I can ride my bicycle for miles without rest. That why I gave the free vihicle to you. When our colleague asking about it, Please don't said something bad for me. If I am angried, I will abuse my power to make some difficulties to your life.

Hope you can understand the rules of this society.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lost heart

As Chinese New Year is coming to corner, many friends told me that they are going to marry this CNY. It's a heart broken news for me especially when I heard it that the girls are who engaged to me last time. For a few girls, I do love them too. Just in this realistic sociaty, something I was unable to achieve.  I want to provide everything you want, I want to give you a warm home, but I only have a pair of hands, and I don't have any good backgroud, the earning is limited at a certain level. For girls who love me and I loved ones, I will bless for you since I can't do something others for you.