Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A trip to Resort World Genting

 It has been a long time for me planing a trip. At first, I have planned to go to Phuket, Thailand. But due to lack of  Annual leave, This 3D2N trip become impossible for me currently. So I determine to change my journey to Genting Hightland.  Because it only take 2D1N and I just want some fresh air.

At first, my friend want to travel to there as a backpacker by coach. I understand that will give us more freedom, but the total cost will be much higher than travel by package which provided by travel agent, the reason for travel agent can provide a cheaper journey is that the Genting corp give subsidy to these agents, and There is a casino on the mountain Genting which is the main revenue source. and more important, we only have two days, so even we can accept the expenditure, time is a problem too. After compare with other tour packages, we choose the one of midium price.

And the trip start from here:


  1. where is Resort World Genting? Malaysia?? By the way do you live in Singapore?

  2. Yes, just 45 mins away from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital. I have worked and lived here for last three years.