Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Parking system in SG

Unlike most of western countries, people may just park their cars in personal garages in suburban area. In Singapore, there is no way to do it like that because of high density of car population . According to a report, there is 750,000 cars in this tiny island country. so most of new parking system has change from surface car park to multistorey car park.

Here are some photos taken from a suburban area called Pasir Ris town.

This photo shows a surface car park which was managed by Housing & Development Board.

This photo shows a multistorey car park in the precinct of residential blocks.
       Elevation of MSCP.

Run way of MSCP.

HDB car parking system usually can be described three types. Red, Half Red and White. To register a car park lot, you need to check availabilty and paid SGD 60 for surface car park  and SGD 90 for MSCP per month. If you car has been registerd in this car park, you can park any car park. If not, you are not allow to park in red marking car park. Car park with white marking means you can park here at a rate of 50 cents per half hour by using coupon.
 While this half red car park means you can only park here from 7am to 7pm at a rate of 50 cents per half hour by using coupon.

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