Friday, April 29, 2011

What is the problem with this society?

I had heard many news about divorce. Many couples are  married less than 5 years, some of them are just married in 2 years. I wonder what happened to them? For me, I am still single, but has a desire to marry in these two years.

Yeah, I admitted that  there are more choice and more lure than 10 years,20 years ago. But what is the mean of promise before a couple married?  Is this phenomenon a indication of new pop culture?  Who can we trust for a whole life?


  1. I personally think more divorces is not necessarily a bad thing. I think its good in the sense that if things go wrong in a marriage you still have a second or third chance of finding real love. Rather than in the old days if something went wrong both parties were trapped in a marriage and unloved.

    I know divorces are not good for children because perhaps they might not get to have the same relationship with both of their parents as a child from a non divorced family. But I think its setting a realistic example to children showing that if you do end up in a bad situation there's always a way out

  2. When we talk about the culture difference between West and East, usually refer to individuality or team spirit. In weaterm countries, most people will regard individual as priority, while in eastern countries, individual may be sacrificed to a group. For divorce, you may think it gives more choice, but we will take it as a hurt to family's reputation.